Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

Software to learn languages easily

Rosetta Stone is a software studied to allow the learning of several languages in a very natural way, using the association of images, pronunciation from native speakers and combined texts. The name was chosen to reflect the association with the famous stone, which has been the tool to decifrate Egyptian.

CDs, DVDs and online courses. All the courses are normally available in CD or DVD but recently the publisher has added the facility to subscribe to the contents of the courses directly online, with monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions.

Detailed information about the sofware and the courses. For details about the sofware features, languages available, versions and prices you can consult the illustrative article: Rosetta Stone.

Rosetta Stone Italian. For information about particular languages here is our page about Rosetta Stone Italian or for the online courses Rosetta Stone Online.

Read this article in other languages. This information can be visualised in various languages on our website: in French in Rosetta Stone (French), in Spanish in Rosetta Stone (Spanish), in Italian in Rosetta Stone (Italian) and in Portuguese in Rosetta Stone (Portuguese).

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