The London Pass with Travelcard

London Pass Travelcard

Travel without limits on the public transport system

If you want to visit London moving around with a simple solution, then the travelcard of the London Pass is just what allows to do that.

The pass grants access to many attractions and the travelcard takes you there easily through the public transport, anywhere in London.

It's very similar to the underground pass, which can be used for travelling also on red buses. The difference is that it can be bought in advance included in the London Pass at a lower price.

The travelcard after being bought on the internet can be delivered at home along with the pass, or withdrawn directly in London, however, it can be purchased only online and not on the spot.

More detailed information can be found on this external page about the travelcard of the London Pass.

Tourist travel in New York. Not only in London tourists can benefit from a travelling ticket attached to the tourist pass, but also in New York. With the New York Pass transport option travel without limits on double decker tourist buses in the Big Apple.

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